Left to right: (seated) Kara Picciolo, Jes Kathleen, Kali Neumeister, Alicia Baylor (friends of Becka from Missoula), Ben (Stephan's nephew) and Fran Deusth (facing camera) and Susan Walsh (Sheryl's friend from Boston) and Barry and Flo

Yes, It Was
Cold Outside

Guests Signed-In on Board in the Shape of Montana

Eloise, Shelly (Stephan's sisiter-in-law) and her childdren --Gabe (on lap) , Zach and Sam (identical twins); and Rebekah Pierce, Stephan's sister

And Warmer (Much) Inside

Center: The hall is ready for dinner. Left: Becka rocks with Stephan's sister, Rebekah, and Emma.



Becka talks to grandmother Sara befpre cutting cake
and then
meets Stephan with cake knife in hand