The lineup behind Itchy and Mickey -- Stanley, Kenneth and Gerald -- at Maggiano's

Itchy's 80th -- Blowout in Atlanta
By Stanley
Itchy and Micky arrived for the belated birthday celebration on Wednesday, July 4th, so they could visit with Marc before he headed off to France the next day. (Itchy's birthday is June 26.)

After several typical days in Atlanta, the festivities began in earnest with a Friday evening Shabbat dinner at Stanley and Debbie's.

Besides the birthday boy and spouse there were the three sons and daughters- in-law as well as Martin and Matiel Leffler (Nancy's parents) from Savannah.

Also surprise appearances were made by Rachel and David who flew in from New York and Chicago respectively for the weekend. Also participating was Adam Sonenshine, aka Brown Bear (because he is so tan).

After dinner the group watched
a recently made video interview
of Dad and Mom about their
lives. There were lots of laughs
as Irv told his usual stories
verbatim. Wwe have all heard
them, and as Mom says, since
they are told exactly the same

Itchy and Rachel at Stanley's and
Debbie's House

way every time they must be

.Saturday morning the family attended services at B'nai Torah where Dad had an aliyah. Saturday evening Sidney and Bernice joined the Friday group for a face stuffing at Maggiano's.

Lots of food and wine. A great time.

Since there wasn't enough to eat on Saturday night , the weekend was concluded with a brunch at the Standard Club on Sunday morning.

Joing the gang were Dad's niece, Bernice Mellman (Helen's daughter) and her husband Bruce; Billy and Marylin Sonenshine; Marty Schwartz (Ida's son); and Jay and Ann Davis (Nancy's sister and brother-in-law).

Sorry everyone couldn't be there. It was great fun. See ya'll at Mom's 80th in 18 months.