Mark, Becka, Leah, Barry, Kay Schwitz, Kyle, Emily, Laurie, Craig, Jack,Leslie Jim,
Jim's daughters Camille,and Rose,his sister Anne, his brother John, his sister Joan,his nephew Collin and his wife, and nieces Maarin and Laureen and cousin Max.


Faten Elias, with Eric on the guitar and Bart on the drums

Leslie and Leah Chat as do Jim, his daughter Rose and Jiim's childhood friend, Mike Garcia

Blythe's mother, Marilyn, Blythe, Leslie, and Sonja and Dave Hyams
Food line (right to left) Leslie childhood friend, Graciella and her husband, Barbara Nathan, and her friend, Al

Leslie, Jim and Jack with Leslie's "Travelin' Girl;s Group" and their husbands

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