Sharon lights the candles at High Cotton, Mickey gets help from the Great Grand Kids to blow them out, and then a kiss for Itchy
Below: Mickey and Itchy with their sons and daughters-in-law and then with the grand children and great grand children

Mickey Celebrates Her 90th

Mickey celebrated her 90th birthday with a weekend that she said was "like a Bat Mitzvah."

Produced and directed by Stanley, Debbie, Gerald, Nancy, Kenneth and Sharon, festivities started with a catered (from Atlanta) dinner on Friday night at Mickey's and Itchy's home and ended with a brunch on Sunday (January 27) at High Cotton restaurant.

This left four more days to get ready for her "real" birth date, the 31st.

Saturday night, the Sonenshines gathered for more food and toasts at the Old Towne restaurant, a family favorite.

Saturday morning was picture day and also play day for the great grand kids in Hampton Park.

The GGKs romped on an inflated sliding board and play area set up by their parents, who also joined in the fun.

After the photo session, with visiting Mark from Boston behind the lenses, the group split up for lunch -- some going to Bessinger's for Que and the iconic onion rings and the rest going to the East Bay Deli for more kosher-like dining

The Sunday brunch was the highlight of the weekend with Mickey making a thank-you peech and receiving an album of pictures and memories written by all the children and grandchildren.

There was also recognition for George, who was four days shy of his 96th year and shares a birth date with Mickey.
"I just slipped in on some of her celebration," George said.
Besides Mickey's immediate family, those at the brunch were George and Bertha, Sara and Mark, Barry and Flo, Benny and Claire, Jack and Fay, Eartha Lee, Mary (Itchy's caretaker) and Tanya (Bertha's and George's caretaker).

Thanks to Emily and Jodi for the pictures and to Stanley for being the intermediary.























Left to right: Daniel, Reese,Dylan, Devim (in back of Dylan) and Jacob at Hampton Park

And just fooling around........Rachel and Jodi back to back and both expecting in the spring.......Itchy gets a push from Marc and Devin