Dinner at the Crab House. Left photo: Clockwise -- Bertha, Barry, Flo, Sidney (other side), Bernice, Claire, Jack, Benny, George.
Right photo: Clockwise -- Sidney, Bernice, Bertha (other side), Barry, Flo, Mickey, Itchy and Max.
(Photos by Crab House waitress)


Together At Last
On New Year's Eve

For the first time in memory and maybe the first time ever, the second-generation Breibart siblings -- Solly, George, Mickey, Sidney and Jack -- were together to greet a New Year. Four of the five made it to midnight and 2002.

It was an evening of drifting back, of remembering, of life above the store on Meeting St.

Four of The Breibart Five (Solly and Sara arrived later) along with spouses Bertha, Itchy and Bernice started the cold New Year's Eve with dinner at the West Ashley Crab House, joined by Barry and Flo, first cousin Benny Goldberg and his wife, Claire, and a long-time and dear family friend, Max Kirshstein.

Flounder, a Charleston favorite, was the popular dining choice of the evening. After dinner, Barry and Flo slipped away -- apparently to a gathering where you didn't need to be 65 or older to get in..

The rest of the group convened at Mickey's and Itchy's house for nuts, fruit, cheese and crackers, pastries, mandelbread, champagne and memories. The champagne didn't exactly flow. The group of 10 barely managed to finish one bottle.

It happened about 75 years ago but George still hasn't forgiven Solly for squealing on him for cutting Hebrew school one day. "Why did you do that," George wanted to know. "I guess it was the right thing to do," said Solly.

Everybody remembered Mama's ultimate threat -- the atom bomb of disipline. If you don't do so and so, "I'll send you to reform school."

Papa's weather analysis was recalled. "I'd ask him why it didn't snow in Charleston," Sidney said. "Papa answered it was too cold." Mickey said Papa would say if there was frost in the morning, it would be warm day.

Solly told of asking Papa what he thought of his beard. "Shave it off," Papa said.

Solly and George went back to the days before 743 (later 753) Meeting St. when Papa rented a store and living quarters two doors up the street and when they slept in a cold attic and deliveries were made by horse and wagon.

Uncle Harry (Benny's father and Mama's brother) was remembered for his way of greeting people -- all females were "Girlie" and all males were ("Sonny Boy.") "When I graduated from law school," Benny said, "I was going to introduce Papa (Harry) to the dean of the law school, but before I could say anything, Papa already had his arms around the dean and was saying, 'Hello, Sonny Boy.'"

And so it went until the big ball fell on Times Square bringing in the New Year. Then it was time for kisses and hugs -- and bedtime.

George and Solly...Remembering Chedar

Itchy and Sidney

Sara, Mickey,Claire, Bernice

Max and Jack

Bertha, George, Itchy, Solly's arm

Mickey and Bertha