Bennie and Claire Goldberg in St. Petersburg, Fla; Judi Berry with her son, Adam, and his friend, Dia, in Berlin


Harry, who had a grocery store, was married to Goldie Cohen. They had four children in this order: Hannah, Freda, Leon and Bennie..

Hannah was married to Abe Schwartz, who operated
a service station on Calhoun St. in Charleston. They had
one child, Judi, a free-lance editor and writer who lives
in Charleston . She is divorced and has two sons – Adam,
a photo-journalist for the Bloomberg News Service
who lives in Berlin, and Evan, who lives in Charleston.

Evan Berry


Aunt Goldie, Hannah and Uncle Harry

Hannah and Abe are both deceased.

Freda married Irving Meyerowitz, an accountant. They lived in the Washington , D.C.area for many years before moving to California where both died. They had three children, Beth, Elliott and Joanne. The oldest, Beth, is professor of psychology and preventive medicine at the University of Southern California . Elliot is chairman of the Biology Division at Cal Tech in Pasadena . He is married to Joan Kabori. They have two sons, Matthew and Joseph. Joanne is a professor of history and American studies at Yale.

Beth, Elliott and Joanne Meyerowitz

Leon married Faye Girsh . They had two children, Mark and Claudia (now Kamala). Leon, a world-renown pharmacologist, divorced Faye and was re-married to Suzanne Glick. Leon and Suzanne were living in Chicago at the time of his death.. She still lives there.Faye is living in Central America . Mark is married to Maria Grabowski and is a professor of neurology and neurobiology and director of the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders at Washington University in St. Louis . They have two children , Michael and Mia Faye Suzanne. Kamela is married to Paul (Narada) Alister, a documentary film maker and they live in Maleny , Queensland , Australia (in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, says Kamela). They have two sons of their own –Manikya and Tapash – and two from Paul's prior marriage – Krishna and Ajit.

Mark Goldberg and Kamela (Claudia) Alister and her son Tapash

Bennie, a lawyer, is married to Claire Endictor. They live in Charleston and have two children, Rachel and Joel. Rachel, who is divorced from John Fisher, has two teenage sons – Joshua and Caleb. She lives in Charleston . Joel lives in Boca Raton , Fla.