Solly is 90 -- With Honors

How do you celebrate your 90th birthday?

Solly did it this way: A session with the dentist in the morning; then a trip to the County Library to see a documentary on the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's (part of an eight-week program that Sara produces); back home to answer a lot of telephone calls; and then out to dinner. "I'm taking Sara out."

It's been a couple of big weeks for Solly -- loaded with honors.

At its annual conference in Charleston, the Southern Jewish Historical Society issued Solly a special proclamation for his work with the group through the years, including a term as president.

The framed proclamation ("It is filled with a lot of where-ases," Solly said) was presented by the Society's president, Minette Cooper, during a program at Beth Elohim Temple.

The next night, Solly received the Palmetto Award ("I think it was the first time they've awarded it," Solly said) from the South Carolina Jewish Historical Society, another group in which he has played a major role.

The presentation (a picture of Solly giving one of his tours in the old Jewish cemetary in Charleton) was made by noted auther Eli Evans at a ceremony at Brith Sholom Beth Israel.

"It was all overwhelming," Solly said. "After a while you almost start to believe everything said about you, but I'm still not at that point."